EXCA Membership

Membership Fees

There are 7 levels of competition that allows every rider to compete against riders with similar skills. The 7 Divisions are: 

  • Young Guns: ages 7 – 11

  • Youth: ages 12 – 17

  • Novice: 18 years & Over

  • Intermediate

  • Non-Pro

  • Pro: ages 18 and up

  • Ride Smart: age 55 and over 

Membership Fees are: 

When you join, you will receive your EXCA Member card, Rulebook, the monthly EXCA electronic newsletter, The Brave Horse, plus you are eligible to compete in EXCA Cowboy Racing events anywhere in the country!

  • Family members names, division & date of birth
  • Choose Division
  • Choose Division
  • Choose type
  • lifebuckle
    Choose Division
  • Choose type
    What is the name of your Club?
  • Choose fee type
    Event Name & Date
  • Choose fee
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