Judges Test

Judges Test
  • Judges are required to successfully complete the Judge’s Certification test
  • Each applicant shall take the test online.
  • The fee to take the 2018 Level 1 test is $35.00, the Level 2 test is $40.
  • Once we receive your fee, and you are ready to take the test, notify
    Frank Turben at or 602.531.3383. 
    Then the test will be set up & you will have 60 minutes to take the test.
  • A score of 90% or higher is required for the Level 1 test.
  • A score of 94% or higher is required for the Level 2 test.
  • The test will be scored and the applicant will receive notification of the test results.
  • Upon successful completion of the test, the Judge will receive his/her Judge’s Card and a copy of the 7th Edition EXCA Rulebook.
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