Club Point Administration Fee


Following the EXCA Event, the Club must send the original Excel score sheets to
Send the administration fees ($10 US, $5 International per rider) to EXCA within 5 business days. by mail to EXCA, P.O. Box 50, Bluff Dale, TX. 76433.
All fees are to be mailed to The EXCA office in Bluff Dale.

Per the EXCA rulebook, an EXCA-affiliated club must pay an administration fee for each entry at an EXCA-sanctioned race. Specifically, "EXCA shall receive a $10.00 per entry administration fee." For international races, EXCA charges $5 per entry.

Additionally, please note the following rules:

- All sanctioned EXCA events in the US must have a minimum of 10 current EXCA members.

- All international events must have a minimum of 5 current EXCA members to be sanctioned.

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