Wide Spur Straps

Wide Spur Straps

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Basket Stamped Wide Spur Strap is a real handsome strap. These spur straps are completely handmade of high quality materials with meticulous attention to detail. Everything you could ask for in a spur strap and still very reasonably priced at just $65.00 ($59.99 for youth size). These wide spur straps are cut from the back of the skirting leather side to give you a beautiful and very durable strap. The harness leather is basket stamped by hand. The stainless steel buckles are sewn in place and have a hand braided rawhide keeper loop. Spur straps come in 3 sizes to fit everyone in the family. See dropdown to order.

The inside spur button is covered with a thin leather teardrop so you won’t catch your buttons and trip. This is an important safety factor especially when doing any kind of ground work with your horses, colts or cattle. These spur straps are great for the show pen and for everyday work.